Professional actor, Aaron Poole, training with Jane Moffat, Method Acting

Aaron Poole, Actor

"The specific tools of relaxation, sense memory,and emotional recall that Jane teaches have become the foundation for my personal acting preparation. As a Method coach, Jane is the authentic article. Truly invigorating and inspiring."

(Acting Credits-The Void; Forsaken; Salvation; Strange Empire; This Beautiful City - ACTRA Best actor).

Caroline Cave, Professional actress, training with Jane Moffat, Method Acting

Caroline Cave, Actor

"I approached Jane while shooting This Beautiful City. she helped me to move beyond my intellectual understanding toward a riskier, more personal performance."

(Acting Credits-This Beautiful City (ACTRA Best Actress), Van Helsing, Power Rangers, Cra$h and Burn, Saw VI, The L Word.)

Raven Dauda, Canadian Actress, Acting Classes, Film and TV acting, best acting teacher

Raven Dauda, Actor

"I have been an actor for many years and have trained with some of the best teachers and coaches that this city has to offer.  Jane Moffat is definitely one of those extrodinary people. She is in fact a teacher who is invaluable to any actor's development."

(Acting Credits- Falling Water; Start Trek: Discovery; Mary Kills People; Saving Hope.)

Canadian Actor Julian Robino, Acting Classes, Film and TV acting,

Julian Robino, Actor

“I studied acting with Jane in many capacities for several years. She taught me a specific set of skills that serve as my groundwork for every performance. Her authentic self will encourage your own, and her methods will root your craft in authenticity. I consider Jane to be the most important acting resource in this community. It has been a privilege to have her as a mentor and friend. Get ready to feel things."

(Acting Credits: Man Seeking Woman, Songs My Mother Traught Me, Rookie Blue.)

Canadian Actor Thomas Colford, Acting Classes, Film and TV acting, best acting coach

Thomas Colford, Actor

"If you are looking for a teacher who is devoted to excellence, pushes you, speaks from personal experience, and isn't afraid to call you on your BS: Jane Moffat may be the coach for you. Training with Jane has helped me get a clearer understanding of the work of an actor, encouraged me to constantly show up to the work with integrity and joy, and weed out all of the things that often get mixed into process despite having nothing to do with the work of an actor. Aside from passionate commitment to every single student, Jane has a beautiful habit of attracting wonderful, passionate, hungry humans to her classroom. Making for a truly safe and supportive learning environment. Every class is filled with growth and I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from this courageous woman."

Acting Credits: Backstage (2016), The Strain (2014) and Mr. D (2012).